R01 Silverstone - Race 2 Report
FIA Formula 3 European Championship

15 April 2017

Foto 1 - R01 Silverstone - Race 2 Report

Race 2 and two more podium finishes in the bag for Prema at Silverstone, in the opening round of the FIA Formula 3 European Championship. Once again started with tricky conditions due to overnight rain, the race rewarded those who made no mistakes. After starting from pole, Callum Ilott had a tough time putting heat into his tires. The British racer did not make mistakes though and despite losing the lead he focused on championship points. He eventually brought home an extremely valuable second place finish.

Starting from fourth place on the wet part of the grid, Maximilian Gunther secured more points for this weekend, also putting up a good fight for the podium. In the end, he settled for an extremely valuable fourth position.

Mick Schumacher also celebrated on the podium delivering another impressive run. After starting well, Schumacher made his way to sixth place overall and to the top of the rookie classification.

Ferrari Driver Academy man Guan Yu Zhou recovered well after starting on the wet inside lane too. Despite struggling with grip and dropping to P12 straight away, he showed great potential and fought back to seventh place showing great potential.

# 3 - Maximilian Gunther
“Circumstances at the start were really difficult as I was starting on the inside part of the grid which was pretty wet. Luckily my start was extremely good and I managed to keep P4 despite we expected to lose some ground. During the first few laps I tried to pass Jake Hughes but got a lot of graining on the front tires so I decided to safeguard fourth place and the points. The situation became tight with Jake Dennis in the end and it was a good battle. I eventually achieved my goal of scoring as many points as possible today: P4 is a good result”.


# 8 - Guanyu Zhou
“My starting position was on the inside lane which was really wet compared to the outside and maybe it hasn’t been really fair not to start behind the safety-car. I dropped back to 12th place straight away but the speed was really good so I managed to fight back to P7. It has been a good result with more points scored.”

# 25 - Mick Schumacher
“Again, I am pretty satisfied with today's race. Right after the start I managed to make up three positions and go up to sixth place. Now the concentration should go to tomorrow's race in order to round up my first F3 race weekend.”

# 53 - Callum Ilott
“It was good to finish second. I got a better start compared to the other side of the grid but Joel just got more temperature in the tires in the formation lap and it was very difficult at the beginning. I lost a massive amount of time at the start and then recovered during the rest of the race. In the end, the tires were gone and it became difficult but P2 is definitely a good result”.


Foto 2 - R01 Silverstone - Race 2 Report

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