R11 Abu Dhabi - Race 1 result amended
FIA Formula 2

25 November 2017

Foto 1 - R11 Abu Dhabi - Race 1 result amended
Following to post-race scrutineering, the car driven by Antonio Fuoco was excluded from the feature race of the FIA Formula 2 weekend at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi due to a tire pressure infringement resulting from an operational mistake. 

As such a competitive environment pushes every team to the limit, and mistakes can happen while dealing with extreme levels of competition, the team recognizes that, albeit in good faith, these inconveniences should not happen. 

Therefore, Prema apologizes to Antonio and to the Ferrari  Driver Academy. The team will take the necessary measures to prevent such errors from happening again in the future.

Foto 2 - R11 Abu Dhabi - Race 1 result amended

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