Bonifacio re-joins Prema for Formula Renault 2.0
Prema Powerteam

11 February 2013

Foto 1 - Bonifacio re-joins Prema for Formula Renault 2.0

Bruno Bonifacio and Prema Powerteam will be back together in 2013. The 18-year-old Brazilian racer is set to join the Vicenza-based squad for this season's Eurocup F.Renault and F.Renault ALPS series. A native of Sao Paulo, Bonifacio ending up in third in last season's Formula Abarth series. After having enjoyed a positive run with Angelo Rosin and his staff, he decided to continue a relationship that dates back to the second half of 2011. Bonifacio has the right potential to succeed in some high-quality championships like Eurocup and ALPS. His quick transition to Renault racing has emerged clearly in the latter stages of 2012, when he was lined-up in the last races of the Eurocup and in the Norther European NEC competition. The great results scored can be a perfect stepping stone for 2013.


Angelo Rosin - Team Principal

"We are proud and cheered-up for relying on the services of a fast and consistent driver like Bonifacio in two demanding championships like Eurocup and ALPS. This Brazilian driver is hungry for some serious success and battle with some high-quality opponents in a very competitive environment. I'm sure that Bruno has all what it takes to stay at the top consistently, and that consistency will be key throughout the year…"

Bruno Bonifacio

"It's gonna be an intense 2013 season as we'll be facing two top-notch championships. This is the reason I decided to stay with Prema, an extremely competitive and professional team that work hard on every single detail. I'll be at my second season with them after the fantastic 2012 experience in the F.Abarth Series. I look forward to hit the podium as frequently as possible, both in the Eurocup and in the ALPS championships, and enjoy the same positive feeling I experienced in the final few races of the F.Renault championships"


Foto 2 - Bonifacio re-joins Prema for Formula Renault 2.0

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