R08 Monza - Race Round Up
Formula Abarth European Series

04 October 2012

Foto 1 - R08 Monza - Race Round Up

A blink of an eye. In the final race of the 2012 Formula Abarth, 45 thousands of a second made an huge difference for Prema Powerteam as Luca Ghiotto, who was in contention for title, finished in second behind Antonio Giovinazzi and was forced to settle for the runner-up spot in standings. On the other hand, with opposite results, Prema would have been in the position to claim the championship pending an appeal for early decisions. Eventually, the race was the ultimate judge and Brazilian Nicolas Costa scored both the Italian and European title in front of Ghiotto. The final part of the season let Prema Powerteam bitter as they scored 11 wins in 24 races, seven by the Italian and four by Bruno Bonifacio.

The third Prema car at Monza was driven by regular Giorgio Roda who obtained an eighth and a sixth position giving positive impressions while he did not finish in the third race.


Angelo Rosin - Team Principal

"The 2012 season gave us a lot of great moments as well as some disappointments and doubts over some issues that, in my opinion, transcended the pure sporting context. I want to congratulate Costa, who constantly put us under pressure this season, as well as our drivers Ghiotto and Bonifacio, who put up a great challenge and would have deserved much more than they got. Now we're looking forward to our future challenges".


Campionato Italiano - Final standings

1. Costa 194; 2. Ghiotto 175; 3. Zonzini 160; 4. Urrutia 158; 5. Bonifacio 157; 6. Joerg 122; 7. Gomez 88; 8. Ramsay 71; 9. Roda 46; 10. Furlan 34.


European Series - Final standings

1. Costa 263; 2. Ghiotto 246; 3. Bonifacio 219; 4. Urrutia 207; 5. Zonzini 200; 6. Joerg 176; 7. Gomez 123; 8. Ramsay 96; 9. Roda 72; 10. Amado 49.



Foto 2 - R08 Monza - Race Round Up

Ravenol Sparco Brembo Koni Gullwing