Formula Renault 2.0 ALPS Mugello - Race Round Up
Prema Powerteam

08 October 2012

Foto 1 - Formula Renault 2.0 ALPS Mugello - Race Round Up

The comeback of Prema Powerteam in F.Renault racing has been more than positive, beyond any early expectation, as the Italian squad lined-up in the recent round of the F.Renault ALPS Championship. "Honestly I didn't think we could be so competitive right at the start - said Team Principal Angelo Rosin - the guys did a phenomena job and even though we still don't have a deep knowledge of the car, we stayed in the top-10 after having started from the first two rows. Definitely not bad considering that there were 31 cars on the roster, including some teams at top Eurocup levels, and that we haven't run with this cars since 2010. Our drivers Bonifacio and Ghiotto had the advantage of a good knowledge of Mugello, but their rivals already knew how to push the car to trhe limit and take full advantage from the tires' performance. That's what Luca and Bruno are currently starting to do".

In qualifying, things started great as Bonifacio took 2nd place and Ghiotto ended up in 4th. At the start of Race 1 though, they did not take-off perfectly and couldn't hold their point. Bonifacio tried to go for third with a move on Chatin, but spun and was forced to retire. Ghiotto put together a solid drive and finished in 6th. In Race 2, they started from 3rd and 4th respectively and this time they started with no hesitations. By the end of lap 2 they were rounding out the top-5. While the Brazilian stayed in 4th until checkered, the Italian repeated the 6th place scored in Race 1 after having been passed by Kujala. Prema will be back on-track next weekend with the same driving combo, lining-up for the F.Renault 2.0 North European Cup at Spa-Francorchamps.



Foto 2 - Formula Renault 2.0 ALPS Mugello - Race Round Up

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